Turtle Wax Underbody Coating. 1L

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Turtle Wax Underbody Coating is a chemical compound specially designed to protect the substrate from corrosion, environmental conditions, impact, abrasion. It provides excellent dampen sound and reduced vibrations. It also insulate cold and hot weather conditions

  • Gives Exceptional Durability
  • Protection for Rust-proofing
  • Hides-Welds, Repairs 


Step 1

Wash the under chassis of the vehicle and let it dry

Step 2

Degrease the application surface if required and mask the surrounding surfaces.

Step 3

Shake the bottle well before application. Set the air pressure between 4-5 bar (not exceeding 75 psi)

Step 4

Spray the coating in uniform parallel strokes with 50% overlap 8 to 12 inches away from the substance

Step 5

Use recommended solvent immediately to clean the inside and outside surface of the application gun.

Step 6

Allow the vehicle to dry for 1-2 hours

Brand: Turtle Wax
MRP: Rs 1299(inclusive of all taxes)
USP: Rs 1.2 Per ml
Net Quantity: 1000 ml
Generic Name: Car care product
Country of Origin: UK
Imported by: Turtle Wax Car Care India Pvt Ltd. Marathahalli, Bengaluru Karnataka 560037
Customer Care: 18001026155
Email: customercareindia@turtlewax.com

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