Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Hyper Foam Wheel Cleaner & Tire Prep, 680ml

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  • All-in-one wheel and tire cleaner removes brake dust, tough soils and light iron deposits
  • Advanced, corrosion-repellent polymers keep your wheels and tires cleaner for longer
  • Safe to use on chrome, steel and aluminum alloy wheels


Our Hybrid Solutions Hyper Foam Wheel Cleaner & Tire Prep dissolves brake dust, road grime, and light iron deposits to quickly brighten your rims and prep your tires for coatings. Featuring an innovative, fast-reacting formula, this powerful, foaming wheel cleaner penetrates deep into the surface of your wheels and tires to lift grease, mud, and stubborn soils in seconds.

And, once your wheels look shiny and new, Hyper Foam leaves behind special corrosion-repellent polymers that prevent rust and reduce contaminant buildup, making it easier to keep your wheels looking shiny and new. It’s the best wheel cleaner for busy car enthusiasts looking to achieve that deep, metallic shine.



For the best results, wash and dry one wheel at a time.


Rinse the wheel and tire with a strong stream of water to remove any loose soils and to cool warm surfaces.


Shake well. Spray product evenly onto every surface of the wheel and tire and allow it to soak for 30 seconds to 1 minute.


Use a soft wheel brush to gently scrub the rim, spokes, and wheel faces. Switch to a hard brush to scrub the tire surface.


Rinse thoroughly. Hand dry with a fresh microfiber towel for a spot-free finish.


For amazing depth of color and gloss, follow up with Hybrid Solutions Graphene Acrylic Tire Shine Coating.

  1. Effective cleaning: The Hyper Foam Wheel Cleaner is designed to effectively remove brake dust, road grime, dirt, and other contaminants from your wheels and tires. It provides a deep clean, leaving your wheels and tires looking fresh and rejuvenated.

  2. Foam application: This product is in a foam form, which makes it easy to apply evenly onto your wheels and tires. The foam clings to the surfaces, allowing the cleaner to penetrate and dissolve the dirt and grime effectively.

  3. Safe for various wheel types: The Hybrid Solutions Hyper Foam Wheel Cleaner is safe to use on all wheel types, including chrome, aluminum, painted, and coated wheels. You can confidently use it without worrying about damaging the finish or surface of your wheels.

  4. Tire preparation: In addition to cleaning the wheels, this product also acts as a tire prep. It helps to remove old tire dressing and other residues from the tire sidewalls, preparing them for the application of a new tire shine or dressing product.

  5. Versatility: The Hybrid Solutions Hyper Foam Wheel Cleaner can be used on both dry and wet wheels and tires. Whether you prefer to clean your wheels before or after washing your vehicle, this product offers flexibility in its application.

  6. Fast and easy to use: The foam application makes it quick and easy to apply the cleaner onto your wheels and tires. You can simply spray it on, let it dwell for a short period, and then rinse it off with water.

  7. Long-lasting formula: The Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions line is known for its durability, and the Hyper Foam Wheel Cleaner is no exception. It leaves a protective layer on your wheels, helping to repel dirt and grime, and keeping them cleaner for longer.

  8. Value for money: With a 680ml bottle, the Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Hyper Foam Wheel Cleaner provides a generous amount of product, ensuring that you get multiple uses out of it. This makes it a cost-effective choice compared to smaller-sized wheel cleaners.

Brand: Turtle Wax
MRP: Rs 1299(inclusive of all taxes)
USP: Rs 1.91 Per ml
Net Quantity:680ml
Generic Name:Wheel cleaner
Country of Origin: UK
Imported by: Turtle Wax Car Care India Pvt Ltd. Marathahalli, Bengaluru Karnataka 560037
Customer Care: 18001026155
Email: customercareindia@turtlewax.com

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