Puris Jade Sapphire PPF & Vinyl Wrap Ceramic Coating, 60ml

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Jade Sapphire Ceramic Coating 60CC | Coating Applicator | Up to 2 Years of Durability & Protection from UV Rays & Corrosion

Our new Jade Sapphire by Puris is our Premium Ceramic Coating that provides unrivaled gloss and up to 3 years of durability and protection from UV rays and corrosion. The new Jade Sapphire formula delivers better gloss, hardness, and is hydrophobic meaning it will actively repel water even better than Jade Ice! Surfaces treated with Jade Sapphire are easier to clean and are more protected for longer-lasting protection than regular Jade Ice! Jade can be used on top of Urethane clear coats, gel coats, plastics, vinyl, rubber, metal, chrome, PPF, and glass. If you are a certified Jade Coating installer ask us for the Jade Carfax forms so you can submit your customer's vehicle information to now be included in the Carfax report. By including the Jade coating information in the Carfax report will add value when the car is marketed to be sold.

  • Sapphire is a clear, nanocrystalline coating that protects your vehicle from weather, chemicals, and UV rays while repelling water, dirt and other contaminants.--- Jade Sapphire applies a hard (9H), durable coating that is 2-3 micron thick and imparts a deep, reflective shine.
  • Our Jade Sapphire Ceramic Coating is much like the clear coat that already exists on the vehicle, except it forms an invisible skin of protection that is much brilliant, sleeker, and less decumbent to wash-induced swirls and micro marring. Jade Sapphire creates an easy to clean finish that is considerably easier to maintain compared to traditional polishes, sealants, and waxes.
  • Jade Sapphire is formulated so you can top it with a non-abrasive finishing wax like our Reboot Silica Spray.
  • Jade Sapphire can be applied to all exterior vehicle surfaces. Although It is not recommended for glass since an improper application can affect visibility. For all other exterior surfaces, Jade Ice is a very effective, transparent protective coating.
  • Jade Sapphire is an extra layer of protection between the environmental elements and your vehicle's painted surfaces. The vehicle’s paint will keep its color but contaminants will be blocked out to keep the paint smooth and slick. Unlike waxes and polymer paint sealants that require annual reapplication, Jade Sapphire provides constant, uncompromising protection for up to 24 long months!
  • Because Jade Sapphire is "almost permanent" - the painted surface has to be properly prepared before being applied. Any paint correctable imperfections or contamination will be sealed in so you must remove them first, very important! On a properly groomed painted finish, Jade Sapphire will look clear, smooth, and clean one the application is completed.
  • Jade Sapphire can also be applied to:
    • Paint Protection Film
    • Vinyl Wrap
    • Wheels
    • Chrome and Aluminum Surfaces
    • Vehicle Painted Surfaces (not Matte Finishes)

Brand: Puris
MRP: Rs 5788(inclusive of all taxes)
USP: Rs 96.46 Per ml
Net Quantity: 60ml
Generic Name: Coating
Country of Origin: USA
Imported by: Globein Trading pvt ltd Krishna park extn. New Delhi 110018
Customer Care: 7217668355

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