PCC Wheel Polishing Cones Set, M14

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SPTA-Car Wheel Burnishing Foam Sponge
Item: Car Wheel Burnishing Foam Sponge
Thread: M14
Material: Polyester Sponge
Color: Blue, Orange, Yellow, Purplish red, Rose Red
Function: Car Waxing, Polishing and Fast Finishing

Product Advantage

1 The tapered hub sponge is specially designed to deal with the polishing details of the car, multi-purpose construction, safe, efficient and durable

2.This product comes in many colors, the hardness of each color is different, the buyer can choose the product according to the specific polishing details

3.Easy to install, convenient to use, and will not cause damage to car paint

4.The unique design is ideal for car tires, mudguards, bumpers and other hard-to-reach places.

5.The product has a long service life. Can be reused after cleaning.

Color: Blue

T100 Heavy-cut:can remove sand-paper marks, deep scratches, over-painting, orange peel, and heavy oxide layer.

Color: Yellow

T80 Medium-cut:can remove the glare patternleft bythe grinding, and isused togetherwiththe fine polishingagent to effectively remove the lacquer surface and themedium and heavy lacquer oxide layer.

Color: Orange

T60 Medium-cut:which can remove the slightscratches in the paint surface. It can be used withmedium polishing agent to effectively remove themedium and light paint surface oxide layer.

Color: Purplish Red

T40 Light-cut:will remove scratches and swirl marks while leaving an even and smooth surface with heavy polishing compounds or micro-fine compounds for one-step polishing.


The beveled design is safer to avoid improper handling ofthe backing plater to scratch the paint.

Can polish the details for better results.


Carefully selected polyester sponge made in Europe, high density and excellent tensile strength, can achieve better polishing effect.

Withstand high-temperature and repeatedly water wash.


Exquisite workmanship, dedicated to car dead corner polishing, small area, and easy to install.

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