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Professional detailers and auto restoration specialists will save a tremendous amount of time and labor with this single product. CarPro TRIX Tar and Iron Remover cuts prep time in half. Blending the iron removing power of Iron-X with the tar-dissolving capabilities of Tar-X, CARPRO TriX combines your vehicle decontamination needs into a single effective product. Perfect for DIY, or professional detailers, TriX is a pH-balanced (pH-7) formula that safely dissolves both organic and inorganic fallout in 1-step; thus streamlining the detailing process, and saving time and money. TriX is ideal for use on most vehicle surfaces, and is a customer favorite for the rapid deep-cleaning of wheels. Be sure to rinse thoroughly out of all crevices and don't allow to dry on surfaces!

If you want to save time, choose CarPro TRIX!

TriX Combines the iron and rust removal of IronX with
the tar dissolving ability of TarX. CARPRO TriX reduces
the complete decontamination process in a
single product. It is perfect for private users or
professionals who are short on time. TriX is pH neutral and
removes organic and inorganic contaminants
in one step. This saves time and therefore money. TriX
is suitable for most surfaces and is an absolute
favorite when it comes to intensive rim cleaning.


- pH neutral
- excellent rim cleaner
- 2 in 1 power: rust and tar remover
- time-saving

Application: 1. Wash

the vehicle as usual with RESET
2. Rinse thoroughly 3. Spray the
surface thoroughly and let it work
approx Apply in the sun - Do not allow to dry - Close bottle after use Hazard statements: H290 May be corrosive to metals. H302 Harmful if swallowed. H304 May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways. H315 Causes skin irritation. H317 can cause allergic reactions to your skin. H318 Causes serious eye damage.

Brand: Carpro
MRP: Rs 2000(inclusive of all taxes)
USP: Rs 4 Per ml
Net Quantity:500 ml
Generic Name: Paint decontamination
Country of Origin: Korea
Importer: Ultimate Detailerz A 606 August Park 1st B Cross Kaggadasapura Main Rd CV Raman Ngr Bangalore 560093 India
Customer Care: 7217668355

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