Airlens Car Air Purifier

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  • WHO prescribed healthy air in 2 minutes
  • 1/10th cost of a Car Air Purifier
  • Long life of 6-8 months
  • Easy to Install
  • Free shipping in 1-3 business days

The pollution inside the car can be 2-5 times more than that of outside and can harm your health. Airlens Car Air Sanitizer is based on the World’s 1st Active Molecular Technology with minimum airflow resistance that reaches WHO prescribed Air Quality inside car in 2 minutes removing PM 2.5, PM 1 Particles, Bacteria, Germs, Pollen, SOX and NOX at 1/10th cost of a Car Air Purifier. It is invisible and is designed in such a way that it takes no extra space in the car and fits inside the same slot where the ordinary Non-PM 2.5, Non-Anti-Pollution filters are fitted. Airlens Car Air Sanitizers are almost breakdown resistant as it is dependent on Car’s AC Fan system rather than a mechanical external device like Car Air purifiers. All you need to do is sit inside the car and switch on the AC fan in circulation mode and breathe WOW.

Airlens Car Air Sanitizer protects you from PM2.5, PM10, Bacteria, Germs, Pollen and Harmful Gases
  • BREATHE WOW: Car air purifier which cleans air inside car in 2 minutes as per WHO standards
  • 3-LAYER FILTRATION: Dust and pollen gets captured first, then there is AMT layer for PM1, PM2.5, PM10, bacteria and germs. The last layer traps harmful gases and odour
  • COST SAVINGS: Costs 1/10th of a car air purifier & takes no extra space as its dependent on car’s own fan system
  • AWARD WINNING TECHNOLOGY: Uses World’s first Active Molecular Technology (AMT) to attract pollutants and capture them without hampering the flow of air
  • TAKE A DEEP BREATH: You’ll find a significant difference in the freshness of the air inside your car like everyone else who uses this product

About Active Molecular Technology (AMT)

Active Molecular Technology or AMT is an innovative technology invented by our team, which purifies the air without hampering the flow of air passing through its membrane. Our technology transforms the way we look at the hazards of air pollution, which escalates to the preventive measures in the healthcare sector. Based on the molecular trapping mechanism, it entraps harmful air particles of size 2.5 microns in the air with an efficiency of 99%. A major breakthrough in this technology is that it offers very less airflow resistance. It uses specially designed molecules that attract pollutants passing through the filter membrane and capture them while allowing the pure air to pass through freely.

2 minutes

Takes down AQI in 2 minutes, as per WHO standards*

1/10th Cost

1/10th the cost of a car air purifier

Active Molecular Technology

Active Molecular Technology(AMT)

Airlens Car Air Sanitizer Conventional Car Air Purifier Ordinary Filter
WHO standard in 2 minutes* X X
1/10th Cost of a good Car Air Purifier X -
World's 1st Active moleclar technology X X
Minimum Air flow resistence through AMT X X
Dust & Pollen
Stops PM1,PM2.5 & Harmful Pollutant gases X
Stops Bacteria & Germs X
Invisible and takes no extra cabin space X
No External Mechanical device required Required

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