PCC Automatic PPF Window Wrap Film Strength Tester Machine

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Ensure PPF durability with our Puncture Test Demo Machine.

Simulate real-world conditions to assess PPF strength and resistance.

Easy-to-use machine provides quick and accurate results.

Identify weak points and vulnerabilities in PPF for improved product selection.

Ideal for PPF manufacturers, installers, and automotive professionals.

Enhance customer confidence by demonstrating the reliability of PPF products.

Compact and portable design for convenience in various testing environments.

Ensure the reliability of your Paint Protection Films (PPF) with our advanced PPF Puncture Test Machine. Designed for precision and accuracy, it evaluates the durability of PPF against potential punctures, providing peace of mind for both installers and customers.

Elevate the quality assurance process in your automotive detailing or PPF installation business with our cutting-edge PPF Puncture Test Machine. Engineered to deliver precise and reliable results, this innovative tool evaluates the durability and resilience of Paint Protection Films (PPF) against punctures and impacts.

Featuring advanced testing mechanisms and customizable settings, our PPF Puncture Test Machine offers unparalleled accuracy in assessing the performance of PPF products. Whether you're a professional installer seeking to validate the quality of your installations or a customer looking to verify the effectiveness of a PPF before purchase, this machine provides invaluable insights into the protective capabilities of PPF.

With its user-friendly interface and robust construction, our PPF Puncture Test Machine streamlines the quality control process, ensuring consistency and reliability in PPF installations. Enhance customer satisfaction and build trust in your services by demonstrating a commitment to delivering superior protection for vehicles.

Invest in the reliability and precision of our PPF Puncture Test Machine and take confidence in knowing that your Paint Protection Films meet the highest standards of durability and performance.

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Brand Name
Design Style
Model Number
Product name
PPF Puncture Test Instrument
TPU PPF Films Scratch Testing Machine
Easy Operate
Suitable for
PPF Film / Window tinting / vinyl wrap


Brand: Planet Car Care
MRP: Rs 19999(inclusive of all taxes)
Net Quantity: 1 Unit
Generic Name: PPF Tester
Country of Origin: PRC
Imported by: Planet Co. A28, Sector 7, Dwarka, New Delhi 110075
Customer Care: 7217668355

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