About Us


We Love Cars

A premium car care company innovating its way into the future of car washing, offering a wide range of Eco-Friendly services. Our highly trained professionals use different colours of Premium Microfiber cloths for the delicate care of the various areas of your car ensuring no cross contamination and a scratch / swirl free paint surface. 

What is Detailing ? 
Auto detailing is the performance of thorough cleaning, restoration, and finishing of a motor vehicle, to produce a show-quality cleanliness and polish. 

Quality & Assurance

We only use High End Professional Detailing Products from Meguiar's-USA, 3M & Menzerna-Germany.   

As a business, our goals have always included competitive pricing, satisfied customers, and high-quality work. We focus on customer service and satisfaction as our top priorities. We want to offer our customers the best car detailing at a fair and affordable price. Every client that uses Planet Car Care is treated like family. We do not subscribe to the cookie cutter approach when it comes to our customers. We are well-equipped to handle vehicles of any type, from family cars to exotics we have the means & a specialized team to detail it.